Friday, May 29, 2009


I am frustrated and want to vent.

I did a search last night for "magnetic scrapbook" to see if my etsy stuff shows up in searches. I was curious how many pages you would have to scroll through before finding my refrigerator scrapbooks. What I found was someone that makes the exact same magnetic scrapbooks as I do. Her description was even very similar to mine, almost word for word in parts.

Now, I realize that I don't have a copyright on my idea, but she could at least give me credit, like when I stamp a card and "case" someone else's.

Or she could have made it look a little different than mine! She used the same idea of using a brand new, plain metal tin and the same kind of magnets, same placement of magnets and everything.

I know that some of you might be rolling your eyes at me and think I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Am I? I don't know. I'm not trying to be ugly, I'm just bummed that the very thing I was afraid would happen, did happen. I should have known it would happen since I did put my idea up on the world wide web, but she's even selling on etsy.


I could get a copyright, but it looks like it's very expensive and there's still no guarantee that someone won't see my idea and copy it anyway.

There's nothing I can do (at least I don't think there is). So, I have a choice. I can sit and think about it and be mad (which is what I want to do) or I can get over it (which is what I *want* to want to do).

Oh, well. It's not like we can't both make them and both sell them. I love making them and I imagine she does, too. It's not the end of the world, is it?

Okay, I feel better after venting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see, in my googling, that someone blogged about a tin and some magnets that they ordered from me last summer. What a nice surprise!

So, I'll end on that note!

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Kate said...

Hey! That's cool that that person blogged about your stuff. Too funny that she didn't want to use the cherries album as a scrapbook, lol!

If you search 'refrigerator scrapbook' only yours come up. I searched 'magnetic scrapbook' and I actually didn't see the others but I only looked through the first 6 pages or so. But I saw a lot of yours on the first 6 pages, so that's good! =) At least people will see yours first, right? =)

I do think it's a bummer for you that that happened, but I'm also not sure she did anything wrong. I wouldn't have done it to you. =P

But hey you are selling paper bag scrapbooks and didn't other people sell those before you did? I had at least heard of them before you started making them. I guess there can be a lot more variation between different paper bag albums than there can tin albums. Anyway I'm rambling now and I have a poopy child. Haha! =)

Harp told her to come to me and I told her it was grody and to go get me wipes. On her way up Harper asked her what I said and she said "Mommy just said 'eew, grody!'" LOL