Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Holidays

I have been busy lately! Photo pendants have been selling like crazy in my etsy shop! I'm so excited about the busy-ness, but I'm swamped and all my free time is spent crafting.

This is what my craft table looked like yesterday.

I'm working on marble magnet sets that go in matching tins, refrigerator scrapbooks and, obviously, photo pendants. Whew!

Here are all the photo pendants. And, this was before I printed the 8 or so more that I printed that evening!

I'm pretty much done with orders before Christmas, I think. I have orders that were already placed that I need to finish and mail, but I'm only taking local orders now. I can't guarantee orders will arrive in time for Christmas.

I have changed the name of my business from Scrapbooking Made Simple to Cherry Tart Designs. I wanted something less specific since I'm not only selling scrapbooked items anymore. I don't know what made me choose Cherry Tart Designs, but I love it! Check out my new etsy shop: I'm working on getting more items posted, but you can at least enjoy my new banner. *grin*

I will also no longer be posting on this blog. You can follow my crafting on my new blog: Check me out! Stop by and say hi!

Can Christmas really be 16 days away?!