Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wii Love our Mom!

My mom watches my sisters' kids 5 days a week because they both work full-time. When she wants to go to the fitness center to work out, she just takes the kids. Well, my younger sister is pregnant again and soon Mom will have a newborn to take care of. The fitness center she is a member of doesn't have childcare for young babies, so she looked into getting a Wii Fit so she could exercise at home in the evenings.

My sisters and I decided to surprise her with a Wii and a Wii Fit for Mother's Day to say a huge "thank you" to her (from my sisters) for all that she has sacrificed to be home with her grandkids and (from me) for the times when she offers to watch my kiddos while I run errands or when I just need a break. She is available for sleepovers when the kids want to spend the night with her.

She is a great Grammy to our kids and we wanted to surprise her this year to say "thank you".

Here is the card I made for everyone to sign for Mom.

I took a stamp of a little girl holding her lunch bag, masked the bag (to remove it) and drew a mini Wii-mote for her to hold instead.

Then I drew a circle around her to make it look like she was a Mii in the Mii Marketplace. Don't they have little circles around them when they're waiting for you to choose the one you want to be? Anyway...

A close up of the Wii-mote. I was so, so pleased with how it turned out!

And, my Mom loves puns, so, even though I kind of give her present away, I had to make the inside say this:

By giving the presents away in the card, I didn't have to wrap them since they're big! I could just leave them in the car and get them after she read the card.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all had a great and wonderful day! Wii did!

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lavenderlizard said...

That's a sweet gift and card for your mom! I love the pun!