Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chore Jars

Well, we've started consistently doing chores around here. Okay, I already was doing them, but now I've allowed my children to partake in the great joy that one receives as a result of doing chores on a daily basis.

Ever since I posted about wanting the boys to have regular chores, I've been "testing" them to see what they can do. I have been pleasantly surprised to see all that they are capable of and how eager they are!

I'm also wondering why I didn't start this sooner! These kids are a huge help!

I took popsicle sticks and wrote the boys' chores out, one on each stick. Then I used baby food jars (the large ones--I knew I was saving them for a good reason!) and decorated them. I know, I know, that step was unnecessary, but it was fun!

I just used fun clip art images I found online. Russell got an alien in a space ship:

And Randall got a rocket ship:

As you can see, each boy gets two jars. One has "To Do" on it and the other has "Done". I choose the chores each morning and put them in the "To Do" jar. As they finish them, they, obviously, move the popsicle sticks to the "Done" jar.

I also have extra chores that they can do (after they've finished their regular ones) and they can earn extra money for doing them. They are marked with a red dot so I remember that they are extra. And, I have an extra jar for the chores that aren't necessary that day (like emptying the trash or putting away clean clothes, etc).

For a list of the specific chores I gave each boy, check out my family blog!

Some of these still require my supervision, but I've been so pleased with their willingness to help and with how teachable they've been to my instruction on how to do the chores!

Well, we're enjoying blasting off to chores!

And, I leave you with a joke.

What did the alien say to the rose bush?

Take me to your weeder!


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Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

I think that's a great idea! My son has had regular chores since he was about 5 or 6 and they increase as he gets older. They also increase during the summer. This summer they are going to increase dramatically since he is now 10. (however, his allowance will increase too)
Some of the chores he gets "paid" for such as helping his dad mow.