Monday, September 28, 2009

Custom Order - Dierks Bentley Bottlecap Magnets

I love getting custom orders! A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law, Kyle's cousin FaceBooked me and asked if I could make her some bottlecap magnets with photos of her favorite person, country singer Dierks Bentley.

She e-mailed me photos and I got to work. Unfortunately, the weather was rainy and I learned the hard way that the glaze I use doesn't like the humidity.

So, I reprinted them and tried again a few days ago when it was sunny. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was using a different photo paper and the new photo paper didn't like the glaze! Grrr!

But, now that I have figured the problem out, I feel much better.

And here are her magnets:

Close up:

Yes, she has even met Dierks. Check out the two bottlecaps with her picture, too. Pretty cool, eh?!

I can make bottlecap magnets out of any images you have! Just contact me for more info!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What free time?!

Somehow, I came up with this crazy idea that having both kids in school would give me free time. Free time? What's that?! I have yet to sit and read a book or go out to lunch with a friend or anything because I haven't slowed down.

It is nice to be able to do what I want to and not feel like I'm neglecting kids. But, at the same time, I really miss having them here. The summer was great and I enjoyed our time together. Knowing that both boys are doing great and are in just the right place for them makes it easier, though.

My etsy business has taken off with custom orders. And, two boutiques here in town have started selling my bottlecap pendants. Up In Stitches is a fun store in downtown Longview. They have a lot of "vendors" that sell their items there. I also have them at Polka Tot Boutique in north Longview, by the new Wal-Mart. This is my first month to sell with both stores, so we'll see if it goes well.

Any Longhorn fans?

Or are you more of an Aggie?

Punk Princess overload...

The other day, I saw someone with one of my bottlecap pendants on and I didn't know her, so I know I didn't sell it to her. That was way cool!!

How 'bout them Cowboys?!

My friend, Amy, is using my bottlecaps in her bows and she has done a fantastic job! All of her bows are adorable and seem to be selling really well.

Personalized with the initial of your choice.

So, that's why I haven't been blogging lately. Yes, it's just another excuse... But, it's a good one, right?!