Monday, June 30, 2008

Tip Junkie Giveaway!

Hi! Welcome! If you're new here, you probably got here from Laurie's blog, Tip Junkie! Nice to "meet" you!

Well, my three favorites are going to be kinda unusual, I'm afraid. My husband and I want to add a third kiddo to our family, so we've had babies on the brain. That always leads to baby names.

So, here are my three favorite baby names.
* Andrew Thane - We would call him Drew, not Andy! Thane comes from a Janette Oke book I read years ago--he was the "hero" and his character reminded me, even back then, of my husband, Slade. I know, Awwwww...)
* Darvi or Darby Ruth - Ruth is my mom's name
* Rebekah Renee - Rebekah is one of my favorite girl names and it would stick with the "R" theme we seem to have going with our first two boys--Russell and Randall. Renee is my middle name.

So, to be entered in the giveaway for a refrigerator scrapbook, custom designed just for you, leave a comment on this post telling me your three favorite baby names. I know, everybody say "Awwwww...."

Then, go back to Tip Junkie and leave a comment there so she'll know you've visited here and tell what you would like your refrigerator album to look like. Do you like dog-themes? Are your favorite colors red and black? Do you like a Western look? That helps me know what kind of items would sell *and* I'll know what the winner wants.

Of course, if you win, your comment isn't binding. You can change your mind! We'll work together to make your refrigerator scrapbook perfect for your refrigerator. Or, if you're giving it away as a gift, we'll make it exactly what you want for them, too!

Here is the refrigerator scrapbook that is on my fridge. It's very easy to trim regular snapshots or professional portraits down to fit on the "pages".

This is what I can do to personalize your album. As long as it's not too many words, I can type up whatever you want. The outside front and inside top can be personalized.

Some more examples of tins I've customized.

Remember, if you don't win, you are still eligible for 10% off of your entire purchase from me! You can check out my etsy store and either order something already listed or give me specifics for a custom order. Contact me and I'll send you a revised invoice with 10% off!

Thanks for visiting!


The Dearden's said...

My three favorite names are:

I really like Andrew, but calling him Drew.

I love all of your fun stuff! Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

Ruth said...

I really like Darvi Ruth, or Rebekah Ruth, Or Renee Ruth... catch a theme there?

Oh, and I love the refridgerator scrapbooks. You are obviously a genius!

Ruth, the original (aka Mom)

Kate said...

You want more babies?! =) Yay! I love babies... =)

My 3 favorite girl names are
Bekah (Rebekah)
and Zeilah (or Zayla but my hubby is definitely against that spelling) - this was actually our #1 girl name for this baby for a while, but now we are thinkin' Bekah or Maggie...

Boy-wise we like
Andy (hehe)
and Ben (but we can't use it because my sister named her Chihuahua that)
and I like Hunter but you can't name a kid Hunter Abbot and feel nice, lol

Elizabeth Wickland said...

I was just talking with a friend about baby names this morning! So here are the ones I like these days...


And there you have it! =D (names have not been discussed with and/or approved by hubby and he gets to name the babies, so there's no guarantee these will ever have the last name Wickland, LOL!)

Josie said...

My favorite girl name is Naomi Ruth. That is what David's name was going to be until we found out that he was a boy!.lol...
Other names I like:
If you wanted to stay in the R theme. Also really like Leah. Thats my input.

Robyn :) or Scout(meow) -- we both have a blog!! said...

I constantly change my mind about what I would name a daughter, but a son I would definitely name..

1. Jonathon, after my dad, John

Right now for girls I like...

2. Janalynne -- a combination of my mom's name(Janet) and my middle name.

3. Shaylynne -- I made that one up. I like having an L in the name and the ay sound!!

I like the names you are thinking -- very creative!!

Pearlann66 said...

I like the names:

thanks for the chance to win!!

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy


This is an awesome contest cause we had a lot of time to think of new baby names for a girl or boy, and the verdict it we are having a baby girl come September!

3 favorite girl names:
(we actually chose this one for her)
Carina (her middle name)
and I liked Avelyn (but hubby said no! :( ) I kind of made up Avelyn from like Aslyn (Narnia) and Avonlea (Anne of green gables)

Found you from Tip Junkie!

Amy said...

Hello there! I love your magnets, what a great idea!

My favorite names are:
1. oldest daughter
2. youngest daughter
3. Chase...if I'd had a boy

No more babies for me, but good luck to you and thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

Mama Dawg said...

For the names you have, I love Darvi. That's so cool.

My daughter's name is Margaret Taylor, but she's been Maggie since the womb.

After the name Maggie, my three favorites are:

Matthew Vance
Jackson (for a middle name, your husbands name Slade, would be really cool)


Melissa said...

OKay, we're expecting, so baby names are on our brain too!

So far we Like:

Parker Flynn for a boy
Camille Eliza for a girl

I also like Naomi Ruth

found you on tip junkie, and I'm glad I did! I LOVE your stuff!

elizabeth engelhardt creations said...

Ok, so I like Andrew Thane the best...and I even like calling him Thane (only if you wanted too). We have Perryn (our daughter) and Teagan (our son), so we are kind of partial to the original name.

Love your stuff!! Those are absolutely the cutest scrapbooks I have ever seen!!

Sheri said...

Found you from Tip Junkie!

Three favorite:
Savannah Marley (she'll be here Aug 6th)
McKenzie Lynne
Alden Bradley

All plays on special people in my life! Can't wait to try some of your projects . . .

Heather said...

I love Darby, very cut and pretty original. I just had a baby nine months ago and I like Emersyn for a girl Emery for short and Jaxon for a boy. We didn't use either we stuck with Kyler because our girls names are Kelsie and Kamrin.
Your scrapbooks are super cute!!

Mommy Lion said...

Okay this has been really fun reading everyone's picks! I can't believe the diversity! No more babies here either, but I always like thinking of names! *wink*

Just for you an "R" theme:

No one else has been following directions: I like the red/black/white for my fridge . . .you had some magnets to match too . . . Might just have to make a purchase! *smile*

Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

Rebekah - classic, not trendy but still current, and beautiful.

Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

Okay, the rules on each blog say something different, so here's another try...

My favorite names (aside from what we've already named our daughters) are:


Harris Boys said...

HI! my 3 favorite names are:

Andrew Michael (my sons name), but we still call him Andrew

Emma Rea

Jackson William

love your refridgerator scrapbook...too cool!!

mj1st said...

Your scrapbooks are beautiful!

We are done having kids because unforutnately, my babies don't like to stay put!(My daughter was a preemie and then with my son I was on bedrest for 3 months.) I do however, love to think of baby names though! Here are my 3 current favorites:
Melia (this would've been my son's name had he been a girl)

mummifiedx5 said...

Darvi Ruth is a pretty name :) That's my favourite!

Ashley said...

I have to say my three favorite names are the ones we named our three little girls.

Emerson(we call her Emie for short)

I have never had to contemplate boy names, so that one is hard for me.

I think I would like a magnet to match my new kitchen colors, as soon as I decide what they will be. They are cute!!

Jennie said...

I found you also through the tip junkie! I'm liking these giveaways due to finding new blogs to read and keep up with :)
On to the baby names!

My three favorites would have to be...
Darby (sounds kind of Jane Austin-like don't you think? Remember Mr Darby?)
Rebekah - love this
Kathleen - always liked this

Of course my kids are Chanel, Bret, & Tanner :)

Anonymous said...

3 names:

Garrison (my husband hates it)

jenni said...


Meg said...

I love Andrew Thane and I LOVE Drew.

My favorites:
Zachary Cole

Girl names are hard for me to decide on!
I love the idea of a fridge scrapbook, I'm glad I've been introduced to your blog!

Wendy said...

I would go with using Rene for the middle name so that she has yours. I just had our first and we carried on my middle name to hers. It is very special to be able to share that with her. Here are my favorite three:
Taylor(my little one's name)

Stacey said...

Ok this is funny!
We are having baby #3 in November and find out in a few days if it is girl #3 or our first baby boy!

Anyway, our #1 boy name is Andrew as well. And we would for sure call him Andy's here either! So I am with you 100% on the Andrew!

My other 2 choices would be my girls names...only because I think they are brilliant. (My hubbie came up with them!)

1. Andrew of course
2. Liberty (we call her Libby)
3. Faith

signmakingmoms said...

My favorite names for boys are:

The girl names (I thought I would maybe have one girl to use one of these cute names..but I have all boys!)


What a cute idea! Love your stuff!

Amy said...

My favorite girl names are
Emma Faith
My favorite boy name is
Grayson Kyle

Of the ones you mentioned I love
Rebekah Renee
My moms name is Rebecca and I think it is so sweet and it would go good with your R theme!

SunEGrl said...

My three favorite names are:

Tayler Elizabeth
Daniel Jacob
Madilyn Rose

Madilyn Rose is probably my favorite because it reminds me of my hometown of Madison, Indiana

Carrie said...

My 3 faves are:


Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

Laurie said...

My favorites so far:


If we had any more I also like:


Thank you for the chance to win!

Dot said...

i found you through tip junkie too! really cute stuff you have...

Of yours, my fav is Rebekah Renee...

My favs are:
Dominic Edward (this one's already been used!)
Audrey Jane (if The Boy had been The Girl this might have been his name)
Duncan Grey (an alternate pic for The Boy)

Chanel said...

I found your blog from Tip Junkie...Yay for giveaways! Out of your three choices I love Darby Ruth and Rebekah Renee both!

We already have a Jonah Wade. Three other names I'm loving right now are:
Callie Rose
Tucker Benjamin
Ivy Elizabeth

Good luck in choosing your name!

Heather said...

The names I like are:

I really like Rebekah too!
Grant- I like this as a middle or first, I think it's classic & solid

I like all your stuff, I'd probably go w/a travel or the "live laugh love" theme- you do a great job!!

Shell said...

Andrew and calling him Drew is adorable!!!!!!!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said... favorits are

I'm over from TipJunkie...

Sara said...

Fav boy names:
Thomas (Little Tommy)

Fav Girl names:
Julia (or any version of the name Julie)
Kate, Katie, Kat, Katelyn

And you have some serious scrap talent!

{Amy} said...

Coming from Tip Junkie...

my favorite names are:


amybeccaz {at} hotmail {dot} com

Katy Lin :) said...

my favorite baby names are:

Jonah Patrick
Jacob Bryce
Jayrett Bryan
Jaida Paige or Audrie Lin (undecided)

(i have to do 4, 3 boys and a girl bc that's my dream family! :) )

Julie said...

Favorite baby names? Ooh, that's a tough one. I am a fan of names that mean something. But then I also like really fun unique names that are STILL REAL names! I think I'll list 3 of those:

Hayden (for a girl)
Peyton (for a boy)
Hazel (for a girl)

And I love Ruth. It's always been one of my favorites. I'd do it as a first name.

Love your fridge scrapbooks - what a fun gift! I love things that look crafty but still classy -- something that would fit in any decor style.

Julie said...

I do love Rebekah and I would call her Bekah.
I like old time names like
Edward or Edmond
Victoria (Tori)
Happy naming.

supermom said...

your refrigerator albums are super cute. great idea.

My favorite names are:


allison said...

My three favorites are...
boy: Camden (that's what we're naming our little boy due in August) :)
girl: Laurel Paige
girl: Westlyn Grace

(my favorite out of your 3 is Darby Ruth) too cute! :)

Karey said...

We're expecting a little boy any day now and we've got it narrowed down to these two:

Tyler Vaughn (Vaughn is my maiden name)
Lincoln Matthew (Matthew is my husband's name)

I also love Jack - another family name. And for girls, my hubby & I love Ruthie. Cute cute cute.

Susan in SC said...

My three favorite names are:
Susan Ruth

Thanks for the chance of winning your giveaway! You are very talented!

Amanda K said...

You have such cute things and I am glad I stopped by! The three baby names that I like are Quinton, Dixon and Gracie!

Good luck with all your fun stuff and I will be checking back!

Becky said...

Congrats on wanting more babies! I love Rebekah!

Joe & Nikki said...

My three favorite names are:

Anjoli (On-jo-lee)

I hope I win. I love your refridgerator scrapbook!!!!!

Amelia said...

We just went through this so I have favorites all ready :)


I also loved Keely, but husband nixed that one right away. Love the fridge magnets, very cool idea! Off to check out the etsy store!

Bobbi said...

My 3 favorite names:
Charlie (for a girl)
Roni Nicole
Isabella (Bella, from the Twilight books)
I'm only giving girl names, because I have 3 girls!

Great Blog!

Aimee said...

I love:


CUTE blog!

Carrie said...

My fave names are:

I also like your name of Darvi

nicole said...

My three favorite names are:

Dylan (for a girl)
Camden (Cam for short)

I love your idea of Andrew...but only if he's Drew and not Andy.

Your stuff is great. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Kate said...

My three favorite names are:


Love the scrapbooks!

Yelowflower said...

my all time favorite boys name is Shane - variant spelling Shaine. Second would be Michael, and of course I'll mention my DH's name, Traveler. A girl would be Amber lol

thanks for the chance.

Original GRITS said...

Oh wow! Your creations are absolutely awesome! I'm so excited to have the possibility of winning one (and I'm headed to check out your storefront, too!)

Names? You are a woman after my own heart. I LOVE names!
My girls (21 & 19) are:
Savannah Jasmine & Shelby Dyan, so those don't count (but I do love them still.)
If I had more babies (which ain't happening!)...
Abby Grace (I drool at this one!)
Maggie Elizabeth
Molly Jean (after my mom and me)

I love your choices, too. Love me some names!

The Blaisdell Family said...

That magnet thing is SO cute!!! Some people have all the good ideas:)

We are on our 4th kid right now and going through the name thing too...not that easy! We are pretty "calm" about names. So far we have: Joshua Craig, Ryan Allen, and Avery Jean. This time we aren't finding out what we are having so we've had to come up with some boy and girl names. Here's what I would say our top 3 are:

1. Alyssa
2. Tyler (call him Ty)
3. Dylan

Good luck. I really like Rebekah Renee from your names. It just sounds good together!

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

I love --


Chel said...

Randee (for a girl)


So fun! LOVE your stuff!

Dayna said...

I LOVE Darby Ruth!

Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I LOVE picking baby names! Here are my top choices, but of course I can't just do three - I've got three boy names and three girl names.

Boy - Jonah, Tristan, or Griffin

Girl - Avonlea, Eden or Daria

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Becky said...

My three favorite:
(my kids names of course!)

Ali said...

That is so cute. Thank you for the magnet tutorial also on tip junkie.

My three Favorite names are
Lyndee (g-ma's name is CaroLyn dee)
Raylynn (Dad's middle name is Ray)&
Kurtis and call him Kurt

The McAllisters said...

I love Andres Thane...I am with you, that name (especially the middle name) is amazing.

Gerb said...

Hi - nice to "meet" you, too! I love babies and baby names. Here are my 3 favorite names:


Happy Tuesday!

Jen said...

What fun! My 3 favotite names...

1. Caleb James
2. Noah Michael
3. Abigail Nicole

Staci said...

Ok, my 3 favorite names are:
Connor Lee
Ashli Roenne
Alli Jo

I have a thing with passing on family names as a middle name! I think it's a fun way to carry on family history.

Amanda said...

My three favorite names are those of my three kids....what a coincidenc.

Alexis (we call her Lexi)
and my baby boy Andrew (who we also call Drew....I'm not an Andy person either)

Kari said...

Hi there! I'm from Tip Junkie also. You have really cute things!

Darby is really cute, I hadn't heard that before. I also love Ramona and Amelia. For boys I like Nathan, Andrew and Patrick.

Lisa Knight said...

That is a tough one, I only had to pick 2 and that was hard enough!!!

Girls: Grace,Lynne,Jenna

Boys: Caleb,Declan, Michael

Good luck with your search!

Becky said...

I like Rebekah the best. And I'm really into pinks and brown right now. I know, so original along with the rest of the world.

Amy & Wes said...

My most current favorite names are:

Maggie's Mom said...

My three favorite baby names are Kennedy, Emmerson and Trace. Love your stuff.

Hartman's said...

When I was a young girl, I always wanted triple girls and name them hope, faith, and charity... so corny. Cute stuff you have!

The Bucks said...

I don't like girl names, so mine are all boy names:

Lara C. said...

How exciting, My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now. When that time come, we love the Names...
Andrew James
Jacob Ryan

and my absolute favorite....
Lillian Grace.

Aimee said...

I found you off of Tip Junkie. My mom and m-i-l would love to have a refrigerator scrapbook of their grandkids! My favorite baby names are:
Leo (my son and oldest)
Charlotte (my daughter and 2nd)

and if we have a third I really like the name Magnus, but my husband's not too keen on it, so hopefully I could talk him into using it as a middle name.

Thanks for sharing your gift!

Twinklescrapbooks said...

My three faves are~

I really like Darvi! Thank you for the giveaway.
Tina :)

Emily Shaw said...

Out of the names you like, I really like Darvi or Darby Ruth...Darvi would be my choice.

Charlotte said...

These are the names I like:

Jordan (boy or girl)

Thanks for the chance to win! I love the idea of the refrigerator album.

Tamera said...

Love the refrigerator scrapbooks! I like Darvi!

Three names I like are:
1. Kyla (my daughter)
2. Barrett (my son)
3. Ezra (the next child)

Good luck & thanks for the chance to win!

Fratzels said...

These fridge scrapbooks are so cute!
I voted for Darby on the Tip Junkie site.

Prissy & Hero said...

We love (as in my husband and I):
1) Audrey (our first child's name)
2) Calvin
3) Abigail

I like Drew also.

Dani said...

Since I'm about to have a baby boy, this post is GREAT! We have not decided on a name yet.

Here are the three we like

Casey Blane
Denver (my Grandfather's name)

Heth said...

I really like Rebekah!

Hmmm Favorite baby names??? Well they would have to be

For a Boy:

For a Girl:
Mason (Macie)

I found you from Tip Junkie! Love your talent!!

Kara Jayne said...

My three favorite girl names are:


My three favorite boy names are:


You are talented! Out of the names you mentioned I vote for Rebekah Ruth if it's a girl. I love Andrew and have 3 nephews with that name!!

Jess said...

My favorite names are always changing, but right now my favorites are:
1) Kai
2) Aubrey
3) Jaylie
I really like your refrigerator scapbook...very clever

Sydni said...

It took my hubby and I all 9 months to come up with baby names. We named our boy Erik Michael.

My fav. girl names are:


Veggiemomof2 said...


Wendy said...

Yeah, baby names.....

I love the names:

Torrance (call her Tori)

These are my current favorites.

Good Luck!! You will have to post the final name.

PS.. Love the scrapbook magnet. I have to have one ;)

the schirano triplets said...

other than the ones i chose for my babies, my favorites for the moment are (although i have to admit they change all the time)...

scarlett, finley & jack

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

We just had a new grand baby, Leila Kathryn. Her mother was named after the living great grandmothers, Kathryn Emily Marie.
My other daughter was named Rebecca Renee, my middle name is Renee. I was surprised you chose two of my children's names. Andrew Michael. I have six children.
Good luck and congrats


Jenn said...

My favorite name would be Andrew Thane.

For my own favorite names I love Alexander I tend to prefer a name that is not equally used by both girls and boys. Although there are alot of alexandra's out there I like it better as a boys name.
and for a girl I love
Lillianna . Basicly I like a girl with an L first initial I feel it is feminine.

Pirate Princess said...

My 3 favorite baby names:

Alexandria (well, because my first is named this)

I only have girls, so girls names are all I can think of!

I love the magnets, too...very clever idea! Mine would have to be pink, so I could use pics of my girls!

Courtney said...

I am horrible at picking out names, my husband always choose the name because I could never decide on one. I like Andrew Thane and the nickname of Drew. I also like the old fashion names such as Rose, Pearl, etc.

LCowan said...

My favorite girl names would be
Elizabeth (Elle)

I like your Rebekah Ruth very much and it would have meaning.

My favorite boy names are
Chad Allen
(My three boys, I didn't have any girls.)

Ginny said...

My favorite names are:

Kelsey, Lynette & Alyssa

I was never able to pick boy names, so luckily we didn't have boys.

I love your Andrew name though!

Alisa Marie said...

Hi, i'm new to the block. I love you ideas! how cleaver! I'll be stopping by for sure! :-D

My fav names for our future kids (that i'm SURE my hubby won't mind sharing)
Maya/ Mia

Jude (personal fav)
Tad (my hubbys name)

If I won:
My fav color combo: turquoise & brown or light blues & light greens or turquoise and pear.

Terolleeq said...

Andrew is my favorite.

Bree said...

I love your blog and read it often from Marie's Make & Takes..
Here are my top names
Tyler (i oke boy names for girls!)


good luck!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite names are:

Treyden (my little boy's name)

Of yours I like Andrew, but calling him Drew. We almost did that with Treyden, because my husband is an "Andy", but it just didn't fit!

Karen~ said...

Hi there, some of my favorite names are:

Tyler (my son's name)
Logan (my son's middle name)
Callie (my niece/grandma's name)

It can be hard to choose a name but it seems like when it comes down to the wire and you see your baby for the first time, it's like one name will stick out and just feel like it belongs to them!

The Malie's said...

Your stuff is so cute! My three favorite names are:

Emmy-that's my little girl's name:)

Michelle M.

MamaBriggs said...

Andrew is actually one of my favorite names! I wanted to name our son Andrew, but I lost to my husband who wanted Ashton

Zachary is another favorite of mine and my husband and I both agreed on that for the other twin.

When we have another baby we both like Spencer.

As for girl names I love,

Amelia, Madeline, and Zoe!

I love babies! I hope to have many more!

Your scrapbook magnents are so creative, If I don't win I am going to come back on 2 morrow to purchase one for my mom for her b-day!

Thank you!

Tia J said...

I really like Davri. So cute. I also love Abrie Elle.
What a ceative way to scrapbook love it!

Lorrelle said...

I love these Baby names...


Your refridgerator scrapbooks are sooo cute...I love them.

Dena said...

My three favorite boy names are Tanner (have one)

Girl names
Taylor (also have one)

I love your stuff. So cute. I wish I were creative like that.

Off to post at Tip junkie too!!!

The Piper Family said...

i love the name Jack for a boy and Caroline for a girl. We are expecting #3 and will name the baby one of these when it arrives it October!

Tricia said...

I love Darby Ruth!!!

RobinDiane said...

My favorite girl names:

My favorite boys names:

Mrs4444 said...

I like Kendall (my daughter), Jaye (her middle name), and Jackson (it's a strong name for a boy). Love your work!

Good luck with your decision. I can see you are partial to the R's, but I like Darby. The only thing that comes to mind about these names is the fact that they will forever have to spell them for people (except maybe the first choice.)

Mommy Meryl said...

Wow - so glad I found your site via Tip Junkie - love your work!! I will plan on buying from you a lot!! :-)

My fave baby names are

Allison (Allie) - my daughter's name


Matthew Aaron (if I have a boy one day!!).

Little Bits of Everything said...

my three favorite names are:

My favorite of yours is: Andrew Thane.

Love the refrig. magnets. Hope I win.

Adrienne said...

I really like the middle name Thane, but I love the first name of Darby..... How about Darby Thane? Or Thane for the first name?! I love your fridge scrapbooks, so cute, such a great idea!

Jenni said...

I like Andrew Thane. Thane just has a beautiful ring to it. For a girl I would probobly go with Rebekah Ruth. All you choices are really lovely.

Party of 5 said...

Out of your names I like Andrew Thane. Also Rebbekah Ruth would be adorable.

My favs are Addison, Shoua, Spencer, Samantha, and Maggie (Margret). We're not having anymore kids though so I have to stick with the middle names we uesed - Anthony, Christian and Grace. (thier first names are ethnic Hmong names)

I think your scrapebook is so cute. I like vintgey looking themes/colors...rose, light greens, purple....

Colette said...

I'm going with Rebekah Renee, I come from a family of rhyming names! Good luck with the name-that is one thing that we all could use a little help with!

Cute stuff!

Nonna said...

My three favorite names are:

Ashley Jill
Avery Kate
Aaron David

The refrigerator scrapbook is the cutest thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

I love families who do all one letter themes, so my vote would be the RR them, and Rebekah is so cute. Good luck

Dylan and Madalyn's Mom said...

My 3 favorites are (if we have a 3rd)

Iris Anna (after my g-ma and hubby's g-ma)

Naomi or Ruth (I love)

Gavin Spencer

Cuddle Cottage said...

If we have another, I'm hoping for a girl, so my focus is girls names! My favorites are:
Love your stuff:)

Lynda said...

I like your Rebekah Renee choice.

My 3 girl favorites are:
Mary Rebekah
Laura Elisabeth
Jill Elyn (Ellen)

Timothy James
Seth Aaron
Eric Keith

And there you have it!

brandy said...

My favorite boy names are:


My favorite girls names are:
Avery (my oldest)
Izabela (my youngest)

Fun Giveaway!!!

Tara L. said...

My three favorites are

Occasional Genius said...

I vote for AnDREW. Also like Rebekah. I guess I'm not much help.

Love the hot peppers card.....cute stuff!

Elaine A. said...

Well, I love Benjamin and Gavin (my two boys) and if I were to have another boy I'd probably name him Luke.

This refigerator scrapbook is the coolest thing I have seen lately!! Thanks!

I like your idea of Rebekah to keep with the "R"s

Debbie said...

Congrats...I see you are getting a lot of girl names, so here are my Favorite Boy names...

and one girl name... Amelia Renee

Heather said...

My fave baby names are:
Hayley Rose

I love your stuff! You've got talent!

Brandy & Josh said...

Such a cute idea. Love your stuff. Well my favortie 3 names are ~

Jillian Reese
Paisley (my friend used that one, but I love it)
Trypp (just love it, even though it's way diffrent. Ever see Failure to Launch? That's where it came from)

Kara said...

My three favorite names are:

Bennett (my little guy)

Good luck with yours!

Nicole said...

Rebekah is my favorite, but I think I like the middle name Ruth the most, maybe because it's my mom's name also. I love the refrigerator mangets they are so cute.

J&K Freeman said...

3 of my favorite names are:


The Millers said...

Provided we have our next 3 in this order, they will be:

1. Savannah Lynn
2. Anabelle Eve and
3. Marshall Scott (kinda iffy on the middle name...that's what we've settled on for now though)

My fav of yours is Rebekah Ruth! It has a nice flow!

misty said...

Chloe Noelle.
Gretchen Dawn
Michael Jon


lindsey said...

cute idea...

my favorite names are
Brooklyn Jill (a mix of my sisters names)
Addison Nicole
Brice (for a girl or a boy)

i am loving your scrapbooks, what a unique idea

littleamerica said...

I love names that remember the child's heritage. For me those names would be

I Do Faces said...

Cute names you have picked out!!! I'm also going with the R or T theme! No kids yet but my name starts with a T and my hubbys starts with an R so I have just always liked names with thos letters.
My faves are:


Mrs and Mr W said...

i love picking baby names!!

i like the names

Hanna Grace (girl)
Lucy June (girl)
Kade Fredrick (boy)

i cant wait to have another one! there are some good names here!!

Anonymous said...

I would defiantly go with the R theme ~ Rebekah Renee
We just had #4 and all three girls start with a K just like my name. lol
So love Andrew as well and a third I would say ~
Rebekah Rose or Ruth to keep the family name as well. :)
~ Kerrie ~

dawn said...

I like Rebekah Ruth as a choice.

My three favorite would be


Cecilia said...

I really like Rebekah Ruth! It has a nice flow!

My favorite colors are red and black!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Michele P. said...

Well, I have 2 kids and both of their names are unusual: They were and are my fave names :)
Demetrio is my son (spanish version of Demetrius)

Dejanera (Deja for short) is my daughter

and another name I have heard alot of lately is Riley-both boys and girls (Riley Nicole, Riley Andrew)

very cute refrigerator scrapbooks, have never seen those before!

Kassiah said...

Very cute names! I think you should stick with the R theme. I love Rebekah, always a good solid name and not too trendy. I live Reese too. My son's friend's name is Rayphinneaus. My vote is for Reese! Thanks for letting me play!

SunEGrl said...

Hi, I already entered the contest but I just wanted to let you know that I featured your refrigerator scrapbooks on my Items Made In The USA blog today. I thought they were a great example of things that I want to try to promote.

boys on the side said...

Love the name Drew.
Also love your magnets

Mrs. R said...

1. Ava James

2. Lola Jane

3. William Scott (that on is actually by son's name).

Adorable stuff!

Sidney said...

I personally like more timeless, classic names, but my kids' names, while classic, have also become popular, and yes, they are my faves!

1. Victoria (Tori) Lea (Lee). I really liked Jayne for a middle name also, and she's almost 17, so when we named her, "Tori" was relatively uncommon.
2. Matthew Christian
3. Samuel David
4. Ethan Cole
5. Caroline Grace
6. Alexander Lewis

It's so fun to think of baby names!

Jessica said...

Of your choices I like Rebekah Ruth... just the right amount of syllbols(sp).

My Favortire three.. .uumm...
Joseline(the name from A Knights Tale(so I'm not sure how it's spelled))

Emma Renee, my first choice for a girls name

Connor and James(which are my boys' names)

uumm... hrrmm... that's about all I can think of at 1030PM.

I love scrapbooking just as much as the next.. as really .. i haven't touched any of mine since the being of 06 and I really need to get back into it.

Kimberly said...

Of your choices, I have a strong preference for Rebekah Renee. I have a daughter named Rebecca, and my middle name is Renee.

My all time favorite is my daughter's name...Cameron Lynn. I still love to say it.

If I had another daughter, I would name her Emma.

I'm clueless with boy names.

Theme? I'm BIG into brown and pink right now.

Lisa said...

My favorite name that my husband has vetod so I will pass them onto you

Annica - Annie for short
Avonleigh - From Anne of Avonlea Mason

Your fridge magnets are great. I love the idea. Thanks

Pam said...

I love Andrew Thane. The hero part did it for me. I have never heard Thane before. Cute

Kristine said...

Well, I've used my 2 favorite names on my 2 sweeties... Analise and Josiah. But i also liked the name Elise or Ella Grace. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

Heidi said...

This post is great since we are expecting baby #4...great ideas for names everyone!
Mine are:
Malia or Mylie

Angie said...

Well, I'm done have babies, but I always wanted to name a girl Madeline. It was my grandmothers name, and I think calling her Maddie would have been so cute!
I also like Garbrielle and Rose. My son tells me someday he wants to name a son Danger. Just imagine what that child will be like!

Love the fridge magnets... I'd like a beach or outdoors theme. We love to go to the beach, lake, camping etc.

janetfaye said...

My three favorite names are
1. Jason
2. Thomas
3. Christina

Thank you!

Michelle said...

I love baby names :)


liz taylor said...

my three favorites are:

Claire, Jack, and Grace. I love the classic names. I like the idea of calling Andrew "Drew"

Melissa said...

Sorry but I have to give you four favorite names, since I have four children of my own.

Good Luck with #3 & I hope you can still find time to use your creative talents. I love your stuff.

tdavid said...

I love Darvi...for a girl, and Andrew for a boy! I also like Kaden (Kade) for a boy and Kadence for a girl.
I have all girls so pink and brown are awesome colors!

Kerri said...

My three favorite names are:

Brittni Danyelle
Dylan Page
Reagan Makenzie

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Marla said...

Charlotte, Charles, Justin

mistyb said...

my 3 favorite names are

Dylen (my daughter)
Max (my son)
Kate (just a favorite for a little girl)

love the magnets! So cute!!

Leanne said...

I like that you picked Andrew Thayne. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into that name. I say go for that one.

If I had to choose 3 of my own favorite names, they would be...

Ava (my 1 yr olds name)
Macie (my 12 yr olds name...I still like it after all these yrs!)

For a boy, I only really like Ty, not Tyler or anything like that...just Ty for a boy.

Good luck!

momof3crazykids said...

My three favorite names are

I also like Andrew and call him Drew. I alsmost named my oldest that.

Shannon said...

I absolutely love the name Andrew Thane what a cool name, that is my favorite pick of yours. I have 5 kids of my own and I just love my kids names they are not that unique but I just love the flow of all of there names. They are......... Colton, Caitlin, Conner, Camryn and Cade!!! These are a few of my favorite Things!!!

Cherie said...

Here are my favorite girl names:
Mary Katherine
Anna Beth
Lilly Kate

And boy names:

J.Olsen said...

Baby names! How cute!

Elena (girl)
Lianna (girl)
Christian (boy)
Samuel (boy)

Thanks for the chance to win - love the fridge scrapbook idea!

windycindy said...

Greetings! Names are so difficult sometimes. I like Nicole, Elizabeth and Samantha. For boys, Spencer, Alexander and Conner. Thanks, Cindi

The Wright Family said...

Well, coming up with names isn't hard for me right now! I'll be six months prego on Wednesday ;) We actually were curious about people's favorite names as well... we did a poll on our blog for a month to see what our friends and family liked.
Anyways, as far as boys go:
1. Tristan
2. Jericho
3. Riley

For girls:
1. Kiersten Lynne
2. McKensie Rose
3. Catlyn Kamree

But, my name is actually Rebecca Lynne, so three guess on which name of yours chosen I prefer ;) Thanks, and have a great day!

Whitney said...

My favorite names are:


You have some really cute stuff!

Tara said...

It is so strange to me that you:

1. Are visiting Colorado, where we recently moved (and my aunt and uncle have a home in Grand Lake that we were up visiting last weekend).

2. Live in my hometown (where I graduated from high school in 92...Go PT Pirates!)

3. Are talking baby names b/c I'm currently pregnant with our second (so I'm going to put my daughter's name as one of my favorites.

My favorites:
1. Amelia Annaliese (my daughter)
2. Sarah Annabelle
3. Grady Joseph

My favorite of yours:
Darvi Ruth

Thanks for the giveaway and it was nice to share our strange coincidences!

Kristi said...

My 3 Favorite names would be...

1) Tre' (this is my son's name)this would also work well for a third child since Tre' means three =o). Or Trinity if it's a girl.

2) Alyssa ( my daughter's name)


Great Site! I'll definately be sharing this with my fellow scrappers. God Bless.

Debbie said...

My three favorite names are:

I like your name Andrew and calling him Drew. Cute.

Thanks for the giveaway

Diane said...

I love Drew a lot my other boy choice would be Brett.
For girls I am partial to Angel my daughter's name.
Rebekka is good too but I would call her Bek I like it is different.
Love your refridgerator albums.

Missy said...

Loving these names lately:
Or what about just using your mom's name and calling her Ruthie?