Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When nothing else will do...

I began making Scrabble Tile Necklaces not too long ago. I'm really enjoying them! I had a great idea for how to disply them using stick pins on a corkboard. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pins that turned the right direction.

So, I got out my hubby's needle nose pliers and a box of stick pins and started working. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I didn't mind the effort involved.

I started with a beautiful framed corkboard from Hobby Lobby (half off, of course). Then I used crochet string (or whatever it's called) and I began a grid.

Almost done...

Finished! Now, that wasn't too bad, was it? Um, yes, yes, it was because I wanted to make sure everything was perfectly, evenly spaced. But, I got pretty close and I was pleased with the grid.

Then I used a Sharpie marker and put a dot at each intersection on the grid.

Then, at each dot, I put a twisted and warped... um, I mean, lovingly shaped and bent push pin.

You can see it took two bends to get the shape I wanted so that the bail of the pendant would sit flat and the pendant would hang just right.

After I shaped about half of the pins, I began removing them one row at a time, adding a dab of glue, and then putting the pins back in. About 1/3 of the way through, I realized that it would have been quicker to not put them in the corkboard until I was ready to glue them down. That would've saved me an unnecessary step. Oh, well.

Here is the finished display on a beautiful easel. The easel was a splurge--it wasn't on sale!--but it was love at first sight! I even bought a cheaper one somewhere else and decided I just really wanted this one. So, I returned the first one and bought the one I liked best and we lived happily ever after.

I really think this will be eye-catching at craft shows!

I think I have one of those personalities where I get addicted to things. My life was just fine and complete until I discovered I could make Scrabble Tile Pendants and now I just. can't. stop.

I suppose I'm not really *trying* to stop...

Here are a few pretty pendants. I was taking pictures to list them in my etsy shop and I decided I liked the one in the front with the color bursts. So, it's not going to be for sale. Sorry.

But, I have lots more. And, I do mean *lots*!

Here's another favorite that I haven't quite decided if I'm keeping or selling. If you're quick, you might beat me...

Someday, it will stop raining here and I'll have some decent lighting to take pictures of the necklaces available to hang the Scrabble tile pendants and my photo pendants from. But, not yet...

A little Japanese

A little modern

A little swirly

I would say check out my etsy shop for more Scrabble pendants, but I haven't listed any yet! So, don't go check out my etsy shop for Scrabble pendants. Although, you can go check it out for bottlecap necklaces! *grin*


groovymom said...

You are so awesome! What a great idea! Super cute! Put me in line! I would LOVE one! :) Seriously, I want to buy one! :)

Kate said...

Those are so cute! I saw a tutorial for these a while back - maybe something you had linked to? I'm not givin' up my Scrabble tiles, but if I see some at a garage sale, I'll pick 'em up and try some! =)