Monday, July 20, 2009

Bottle Cap Choker Necklaces

I was so pleased with how my niece's bottle cap necklaces turned out, that I caught the bottle cap bug and began looking for great images to use, more bottlecaps to purchase and tips on how to keep the lacquer from bubbling. I just jumped in with both feet! I come by that tendency naturally, as my mom is the exact same way!

I discovered that there are crafty people out there that sell images that are the perfect size for bottle cap necklaces! Yay! So, I spent hours poring over different images searching for my favorites.

After I had made about 200 or more bottlecaps, I decided I ought to make the choker necklaces for the caps to attach to. So, I learned, through trial and error, what to use for the necklaces.

Then I went back and forth with a few ideas, trying to think of how to display the necklaces and bottlecaps at craft shows. I have come up with one favorite idea, although I'm open for any brainstorming anyone else can come up with, and I thought I'd share my idea for how to store and display the necklaces.

So far, I have black, white, bright pink and pale pink. I haven't been able to find other colors, but, really, those are the most common colors in my bottlecaps.

I'll probably have the jars sitting on the table with the lids off. And maybe have a few out of the jar?

The magnets on the back of the bottlecaps attach to the metal wahers.

You can mix and match chokers to bottlecaps.

Side view of the way the cap snaps onto the choker.

Back view.

A few samples of the necklaces I've been busy making. Tinkerbell galore!

"boy crazy" with some bling

You can wear more than one choker at a time for a layered look.

"Drama Queen"


Mix and match chokers

"You want thing-a-ma-bobs? I've got twenty!"

I have skateboarders, fun phrases, sports, cheerleading, you name it, I either have it or I can find it. I'm very excited to see how these sell!


Aimee said...

Just a quick question....did you just tie the nylon to the washer or do you have to stitch it together?


Jaime said...

I tie it. Why make more work? ;-)