Sunday, July 19, 2009

Princess Party Gift

My niece had her 6th birthday recently and I was invited to her Princess Party. I was honored! I wanted to make something special and wanted something different than the items I have made before. I remembered that my crafty friend (and neighbor) had made some bottle cap necklaces for party favors for her daughter's birthday and I decided to give it a try!

I had leftover bottle caps from years ago when I decoupaged some for a scrapbook layout of my sons' birthday party, so I pulled them out. I wanted to make princess caps because it was a princess party. I remembered a set of mini playing cards that I had picked up probably years ago in the Wal-Mart check out line that had all the Disney princess on the back. Yay, I hadn't thrown them away!

So, I got to work. It was trial and error, but I was super pleased with how they turned out.

For the record, although I might not be well versed in all things girly, I do know that Tinkerbell isn't technically a Disney princess. But, she is super cute and she fit perfectly with the girls. *grin*

I included magnetic pink and white choker necklaces that are interchangeable.

I packaged the necklaces in a tiny little Chinese take-out box.

Then I made a quick card using a clear princess stamp and my copic markers.

I was very pleased with how everything turned out and the Birthday Princess seemed to like them, too.

And, here's my sweet niece, Julia, who invited me to her princess party (actually, my sister, Christy, really invited me) so I could leave my three boys at home and enjoy some girl time with pink, purple, sparkles, make up, dress up and giggling.

And they all lived happily ever after...

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