Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feeling a tad bit prudish?

Another great giveaway... Make that many giveaways! Sylvia from A Tad Bit Prudish is one of the contributors over at Blissfully Domestic. Blissfully Domestic will be relaunching their site this Labor Day! (Oops, I'm a few days late...)

That means that the site that has already brought you the most delicious dishes, creative crafts, fantastic fashion advice and perfect parenting tips is going to be that much better!

To celebrate, Sylvia is hosting a (drum roll please) Blissfully Domestic Gift Extravaganza!

To join in on the fun, go to A Tad Bit Prudish and follow the simple, easy-peasy rules for each day's giveaway.

Be on the lookout for a chance to win one of these fun tins from me!

Personalization is free!

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