Saturday, August 30, 2008

There's a SALE going on!


Go to my etsy store and see all the items included in this sale going on RIGHT NOW, until the end of September.

Buy a tin AND a set of magnets and save! Buy a Refrigerator Scrapbook OR an Altered Tin Scrapbook AND a set of marble magnets and get the whole set for $15!

Refrigerator Scrapbooks are great for school lockers!

Altered Tin Scrapbooks are handy for carrying lunch money or medicine in a purse or backpack!

Marble Magnets are perfect for hanging pictures of friends and family on school lockers! Earth magnets won't fall off when the locker is slammed shut!

Contact me BEFORE paying and I will send you an adjusted invoice.

Sale includes custom items, so contact me and we can work out the details on a custom order in the colors, patterns, or style of your choosing!


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