Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How-To Place Alphabet Stickers

I recently learned a great tip that I've used several times since and I wanted to share it with you.

When using stickers in your cardmaking or scrapbooking, it can be hard to know how much room your word or words will need. It's hard to center the word or words and have even space between letters.

Here's a super easy trick to help you do it perfectly every time.

First, I took a tin I was personalizing for someone and chose my stickers.

The I found a plastic straight edge. You can use a thin ruler, a piece of paper that was used for stickers, a strip of waxed paper, etc. I used a wrapper from a set of rub-ons.

Next, start lining your stickers, half on, half off of the edge. Try not to handle the stickers too much because the oils on your fingers will cause the stickers to lose their sticky-ness (is that a word?). Unsticky stickers, not good.

You can move letters around as needed until you get them exactly where you would want them on your card or paper.

Decide where you want the stickers and press the top half down securely.

Slowly begin pulling the plastic edge out from under the stickers, making sure your stickers stay put. You can even hold them down while you pull out the plastic edge.

Then press the lower edges of the stickers down.

Now you're finished!

Make sure you rub over the stickers to ensure that they are well stuck.

Stand back and admire your perfectly straight letters. And save your plastic edge for the next time!


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DelilahIris said...

That is such a great tip. I have been doing it so much more complicated than that. Thanks for sharing!

The Musician said...

How fun!