Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fancy Smancy Gift Card Holder

This Men's Billfold is so neat! I found the directions on Lorri's blog. It looks like it would be hard, but it's really quite easy, although maybe a little time-consuming.

I made this a while ago and was saving it for a perfect occasion. I got one! My husband and some friends recently tiled our kitchen and this went to one of the guys with a huge thank you (and a Lowe's gift card). We are so blessed to have great friends! I typed "Thank you" on the computer and matted it on the front. I forgot to take a picture of it like that, though, so the front looks very boring...

I cheated for the picture and put two small magnets inside to hold the wallet closed for the pictures because it kept wanting to pop open. When I gave it, I was able to tuck it in an envelope, so it's okay that it doesn't stay closed on it's own.

The inside, empty.

The inside, full. Unfortunately, that's not what our friend got inside his. :-)

Look how much you can stuff inside!

If I ever make another... maybe?...I think it would be fun to give this with pictures in the pockets. Or maybe the kids could draw pictures and we could trim them down and put them in the pockets. Or handmade coupons that fit for the recipient. Hmmm, lots of neat ideas!

Here's another take on the same wallet.

And, yet another take on her design.

Here's a neat idea for a sort of similar wallet, maybe more for a girl instead.

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