Monday, October 13, 2008

Maude Cobb Christmas Corner

Well, this weekend was Longview's Christmas Corner at Maude Cobb. This is my second year to sell my items at it. Last year, I shared a booth and was very pleased when they had extra room and we both ended up getting a full booth space (at only half the cost).

This year, I decided to get a booth alone and see how it went. My friend, Mandy, was going to share the booth with me and use a small corner for her photography business, but then she had to go and move! (You know I love you, Mandy!) :-) So, I invited my other photographer friend, Josie, to join me.

I brought my camera to take a picture of our wonderfully amazing booth, but just never got around to taking a picture. I was lazy... Just take my word for it that we were the coolest booth in the joint! :-)

One of my newest additions to my display items was this cool locker!

I was so excited to get it and set it up! Doesn't it look so cool!

Unfortunately, it's not magnetic. Silly me. I didn't realize that it would be wood! Oh, well.

As I was putting it together, I had everything spread all out across the livingroom floor. Slade was doing something on the computer and when he finished, he scooted his chair back and we heard this terrible "crack!" Here's the back... Notice the hole?

Just the size of the leg of the chair... Oops! :-)

But, it wasn't noticeable when it was on the table at the Christmas Corner.

It was a long weekend (all day Friday, all day Saturday and half a day on Sunday), but the time flew by! It went so much quicker having someone there with me--to chat with, to help take money. We both got good at giving each other's info and laughed together at people that didn't even hear us as we talked and talked about our products and services. Also, we knew quite a few of the people that came through to shop and enjoyed getting to chat and catch up.

All in all, a great weekend and very profitable for me. It was also a great way for Josie to get her name out to more people. She filled her calendar from now to Christmas!

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jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...


I just won one of your mini-tins from A Tad Bit Prudish!
They are so adorable and unique! THANK YOU so much!! How fun!