Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look, Ma, I can tie my shoes!

Russell is amazingly motivated and once he decides he wants to do something, there is no stopping him. He was that way when he learned to ride his bike and, here recently, when he learned to tie his shoes.

I had kind of an idea of how I wanted this page to look, but I probably should have done the title differently, or at least somewhere else. It looks like it's falling off the page... Oh, well.

I used a stencil for the letters of the title. See, you don't need a die cut machine, if you're willing to sit and cut out the letters. I'm a little weird and I enjoy the tedious work of cutting out the letters with my little manicure scissors. I bought the stencils from Michael's (probably on sale because I rarely pay full price for anything!) and I love them! There is a letter stencil and a shadow stencil. I love shadows for my letters since I always use busy patterned papers.

I used Stampin' Up!'s notebook paper punch for the pictures on the right to give them the feel of being a roll of film. I took pictures of him step by step and wanted to just scrapbook them in order. I love the way it turned out.

I also punched a small piece of scrap paper on the bottom left and laced it up with some string that came with a cheap-o kite last year. The kite has since been tossed, but the string is useful for so many things!

I usually mat all my pictures, again, because I use busy patterned papers, but I need to step out of my "scrapping comfort zone" and do things differently sometimes... Sometime... Maybe later... :-)

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