Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Day of Kindergarden

This is one of my favorite layouts! It is a little busy, but there was so much I wanted to add to it. I had lots and lots of pictures (you can never have too many pictures, I say) and really wanted to use the busy background paper. I tried not to add too many other embellishments, just a 3-D backpack sticker and a flat pencil sticker.

I used Stampin' Up's punch that makes it look like paper that has been torn from a notebook on the inside edges. I love that punch! I can't remember what it's called, but I love it!

I wanted to explain each picture, but didn't want to clutter the already cluttered page with journal blocks around each picture, so I just numbered each picture and added the corresponding descriptions.

Journaling reads:
1. So excited to wake up...
2. Danielle came over to wish Russ a great first day
3. Mommy tickles to get a smile out of a nervous Russell
4. Walking Russell down the hallway to his classroom
5. Standing in front of his room, next to his name on the wall
6. Randall gets a smile out of Russell with a hug
7. Sitting at his table, looking around at future friends

I love this layout because, although it was a very difficult first few months of school, he now loves going and looks forward to it. We have been very pleased with all he has learned, both academically and emotionally. He's learning how to be a good friend, even when others are unkind or difficult. Those are life skills and we're very proud of him. Not to mention that he gets to go to a first-grade room for reading each week because he's doing so well and reading up a storm!

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